The Wiley Trading Guide


Edited by Kristen Hammond
John Wiley and Sons
There’s certainly something to be said for putting the brightest minds in the same room and seeing what they come up with together. The Wiley Trading Guide is the literary equivalent of this brain-fest, bringing together most of Australia’s best trading educators in one tome. With names such as Louise Bedford, Jim Berg, Kel Butcher, Daryl Guppy, Harry Stanton and Chris Tate all contributing on a variety of topics, the result is better than the sum of its parts. Even though the book’s ostensible purpose is to showcase John Wiley & Sons’ considerable depth of professional opinion, to a certain extent this works in the reader’s favour.
Why would you waste your time on the B-sides when you could go straight to the greatest hits and cut out all the dross? There’s something for everyone here; from beginners to advance traders; from forex enthusiasts to commodities devotees and everyone in between.
In fact, the only downfall of this book is that it is not the Wyle E. Coyote Trading Guide. That would also be worth a read, although you would never get to the end you wanted.

Market Appeal: Novice – Advanced
Verdict: It’s good. You’re unlikely to get a copy for free at a seminar. It’s that good

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