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Rare earths

Rare earths

Let’s face it. Markets, like men, have a one-track mind. Once the focus on one topic dies away, another topic is needed to fill the void.
In the middle of 2010, the market’s focus was on the European debt crisis. But once these concerns had receded, the market moved on to this year’s most exciting topic: rare earths.


Keeping track

In recent years, Australians have doubled their investments in term deposit accounts, giving some indication that after the global financial crisis many investors have sought to limit their risk. Diversification has long been known as a way of reducing investment risk and it’s certainly not unusual for today’s investor to have a diversified portfolio including property, shares, bonds, bank accounts and more.


So, you want your own hedge fund?

First up, what are hedge funds and how are they different from other forms of investment funds? The main clue is in the name. While usual investment funds will mainly derive their gains or losses from the overall movement of the markets they invest in, hedge funds try to reduce their dependence on the overall market and generate their returns from the selection of individual securities.


Be free, with options

To live is to have regrets. Some of us regret the choice we made in the university we attended (“If only I have gone to an Ivy League School”), the courses we took or did not take (“If only I had studied psychology”) or the job we turned down (“How my career would have turned out”), the relationships we chose to hang on to when it was time to let go and the stocks we chose to buy and sell – at the wrong prices.


Crumbling demand

A growing consumer interest in green products – not to mention government’s around the world legislating for change – has seen an increase in demand for biodegradable plastic bags. One of the pioneers in ‘bioplastics’ is Australia-based Cardia Bioplastics. Executive chairman Pat Volpe told Trader Plus the company was founded in 2002 and has developed


Would you like investment with that?

A wealth of food retail experience – plus some good old fashioned capital – are the ingredients behind Inkuberra, a new investment fund. Director Antony Morell – currently an active investor in Spudbar – told Trader Plus the new investment fund brings together the talent of Simon McNamara (of Boost Juice and Grill’d) and Rod