Investing in Collectables


Investing in Collectables
By Charles Beelaerts with Kevin Forde

When I was younger I can remember poring over my grandmother’s collection of stamps and being told to be careful, because one day they could be worth a lot of money. Of course they were beautiful too, old relics of the British- Empire years gone by.
This is, for some, the inherent brilliance of investing in collectibles – the intangible rewards of indulging in a hobby or passion combined with the tangible returns on collecting well.
Some of these investments have come under fire lately – for example with the Cooper Review’s recommendation on exotic investment – but there is still a lot of merit in fully understanding the opportunities available. Beelaerts and Forde do an excellent job to digest the options across a wide subject matter (for every art dealer there is a coin collector and so on) in a book that is entertaining and quirky. For example, did you know that an invitation to attend the opening of Australia’s first parliament could be worth around $1000? It’s only armed with this information that your next visit to a dusty attic may generate significant returns on investment.
Market appeal: Beginner
Verdict: Add it to the collection. Yes, an obvious line, but true.

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