Guppy Trading


Guppy Trading
By Daryl Guppy
John Wiley and Sons

Although the title sounds like there is the potential for some weird new trading craze, most Australian traders worth their salt will instantly recognise the name as one of the country’s leading educators and traders.
As you would expect from a man known as The Chartman on CNBC, Guppy Trading is full of charts and technical analysis toolkits to assist you in understanding both the basics and some advanced trading strategies. Really, books like this are the equivalent of a car dealership throwing open the doors and handing you the keys to everything – you can try out whatever you like and see if it fits your style. But we bet you decide to buy something.
Anyone with any desire to be a technical trader should read this. And technical traders should read it too – just to make sure you are getting it right.
Market appeal: Beginner – Advanced
Verdict: This book will pay for itself.

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