Dell Streak


The Dell Streak is a half-way point between a smart phone and tablet. It is 10mm thick, has a 5 inch (12.7cm) screen and feels amazingly sturdy. The tablet holds 512MB of RAM and comes with a 16GB SanDisc memory card.
The screen certainly makes a massive difference to playing games, browsing the internet or playing videos however where it excels is as a Google maps GPS system.
You may wonder how you’ll put this tablet in your pocket and attempt to sit or walk around comfortably. It fits into suit pants and slouch denim however anything tighter and you’ll be struggling. It’s much heavier than a smart-phone too, which gives the Streak a very durable feel and is certainly more portable than your standard tablet. The Streak feels a little awkward held against your face as a mobile phone. It feels like you’re holding a tile to your ear but thankfully you can plug some hands-free speakers in and tuck it away. It’s also Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G compatible.
Looking at the Streak, you have to take it for what it is. Don’t focus on it as a smart phone, otherwise it’ll seem too large; don’t focus on it as a tablet, otherwise it’ll seem too small. It simply does a great job for crossing the barrier between the two and will save you money in buying two separate devices.

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