CFDs Made Simple


CFDs Made Simple
By Jeff Cartridge and Ashley Jessen

Another in the series of “Made Simple” books by Wrightbooks (the others covering forex, trading plans and shares), CFDs Made Simple is probably the one with the biggest demand.
Most traders understand the concept of CFDs, but few have a full grasp of the complexities of its trading paradigm or the full range of opportunities available to CFD traders – even if they have been trading other instruments for years.
Unlike some of the other titles which assume a certain level of naivete in their audience, CFDs Made Simple has a more savvy clientele in mind. The result is more engaging, allowing the reader to draw their knowledge from other areas of trading and apply it to the world of CFDs.
Market appeal: Intermediate-Advanced
Verdict: Like the “for dummies” series, this falls into the everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask section of the bookshelf. But does that mean you should get it for the same reason you should eat your vegetables – more because someone else said so rather than the goodness of the deed? Not at all. You should get it because you will become a better trader.

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