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The Wiley Trading Guide

The Wiley Trading Guide

Edited by Kristen Hammond John Wiley and Sons There’s certainly something to be said for putting the brightest minds in the same room and seeing what they come up with together. The Wiley Trading Guide is the literary equivalent of this brain-fest, bringing together most of Australia’s best trading educators in one tome. With names


Chalk talk for Traders

There’s very little middle ground when it comes to technical analysis – you’re either a believer or you’re not.
For every tech-head applying moving averages and adding customisation to their trading model there is another whose eyes are slightly glazed and wondering what the hell is going on.


CFDs for Dummies

By David Land Wiley Publishing In some ways CFDs are to trading what Shakespeare is to literature – you should probably know a lot more about it than you actually do. With the ‘for dummies’ series covering more topics than a Robin Williams soliloquy it was only a matter of time before CFDs got the