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Know your money

EUR/USD: The pair everyone trades. This pair generally has the lowest spread and highest liquidity. When it gets going, it can easily move 150 pips in a day, and 400 pips in two days is not uncommon. However, for most of the time it trades in a fairly steady manner. It’s also one of the


What’s your temperament?

What is the temperament of an options investor? To most, the word “conservative” would not fit the bill. What about these words – “Sanguine”, “Melancholic”, “Choleric” or “Phlegmatic”? These are now common terms used to describe certain personality types of people. These four personality traits trace their roots back to some two thousand years ago,


Where in the world?

Ten years ago, the idea of trading stocks listed on overseas exchanges was virtually unthinkable for retail investors. There are now numerous options for Australian traders to buy and sell overseas stocks. Before the internet revolution you had to call a traditional stockbroker during business hours just to get access to Australian shares. Now you


Currency Wars

The recent moves from the Bank of Japan and Swiss National Bank have caused the commentariat to fret about the possibility of currency wars.