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Trader Plus caught up with Bluechiip managing director and CEO Brett Schwarz at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference to talk about the company’s opportunities for growth as it moves from an R&D play into a commercialised operation.



Regeneus Limited executive chairman John Martin discusses the newly listed company’s product lines and priorities over the next 12-24 months.


Advance Braking Technology

Trader Plus spoke to Advance Braking Technology chief executive Ken Johnsen at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference to discuss the company’s growth opportunities in truck braking and building on its capacity serving the mining industry.


Already a Bluechiip stock?

Increased demand for bio-storage has created an opportunity for local company Bluechiip Ltd.
The company has developed a new tracking and identification technology based on MEMS (micro electromechanical systems), which is ideally suited to extreme environmental conditions – such as low-temperature storage facilities – where existing technologies such as barcodes and RFIDs can not operate.


Crumbling demand

A growing consumer interest in green products – not to mention government’s around the world legislating for change – has seen an increase in demand for biodegradable plastic bags. One of the pioneers in ‘bioplastics’ is Australia-based Cardia Bioplastics. Executive chairman Pat Volpe told Trader Plus the company was founded in 2002 and has developed


Would you like investment with that?

A wealth of food retail experience – plus some good old fashioned capital – are the ingredients behind Inkuberra, a new investment fund. Director Antony Morell – currently an active investor in Spudbar – told Trader Plus the new investment fund brings together the talent of Simon McNamara (of Boost Juice and Grill’d) and Rod