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Breaking the barrier

Trading can be psychologically draining and you don’t even need to be trading to feel the impact of the stress.
Trading psychologist Dr Brett Steenbarger outlines some of the facts that can stress out traders.


David and Goliath

The ordinary trader can certainly be daunted by their opposition in the market. How can a small-time trader compete with large institutional investors, hedge funds and the banks’ propriety traders?


The king maker

Long-term traders in the currency markets know that sentiment tends to be affacted by one or two structural drivers at any one time. Of course, there are thousands of things going on at one time, but the big drivers of currency prices tend to be fairly simple ideas.


Seeking stability

An edited extract from ‘Forex Made Simple: Simple, Easy to Understand Strategies Anyone Can Use for Success!’ by Kel Butcher


Darryl Morley

Depending on the market, I trade shares, futures and options – at present I am trading only shares. This is because of lifestyle reasons.


Know your money

EUR/USD: The pair everyone trades. This pair generally has the lowest spread and highest liquidity. When it gets going, it can easily move 150 pips in a day, and 400 pips in two days is not uncommon. However, for most of the time it trades in a fairly steady manner. It’s also one of the