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Trader Plus talks to Kevin Levine, Rubicor chief executive, about the company’s plans to rebuild in 2015 and beyond.


Chart viewpoint: RIO

This year has seen the price of iron ore nearly halve in value. Traders have been anticipating a low in stock prices only to find that they continue to plummet to even lower levels. Higher cost producers such as Atlas Iron (AGO), Arrium (ARI), and BC Iron (BCI) have seen the majority of their market


Microcap sector outlook

Bourse Communications managing director Rodney North discusses the microcap sector’s performance in 2014, and the outlook for the Australian stock exchange towards the end of the year.


Diploma Group

Trader Plus caught up with Diploma Group managing director Nick Di Latte to discuss the company’s short-term opportunities and achievements to date.


Phosphagenics Limited

Phosphagenics Limited chief scientific officer Dr Paul Gavin discusses the company’s unique achievements and outlook with Trader Plus.


Why moats matter

There are a disappointingly low number of dragon references, but high value in this book nonetheless for those in the fundamentals camp