Connecting every level of trader, to every opportunity. Trader Plus is Australia’s definitive guide for successful traders and investors.

From macro market analysis to detailed trading strategies and how-to guides for trading shares, CFDs, forex and commodities, Trader Plus is tailored for traders with a wide range of experience.
Our monthly newsletter features a range of local and international experts providing commentary, advice and strategies, supported by a constantly evolving online presence. The website and newsletter are a respected source of knowledge and have a reputation for delivering expert commentary from industry leaders.
We offer a range of opportunities for your company to reach an engaged audience of passionate traders, who are anxious to discover new platforms, new courses and training, and new products. Our loyal subscriber base has opted-in to receive the magazine direct to their inbox, creating an engaged and actively interested audience for your company and services.
Launched in 2010, Trader Plus has recently been acquired by Ground Floor Media Group.

“We were more than pleased with the results from our Trader Plus campaign. The Trader Plus team were very helpful and worked with us to ensure the campaign would generate a strong response from their readers. We generated a far greater amount of leads than we had expected and believe we got real “bang for our buck” from this campaign. We will surely be using Trader Plus in the future for further campaigns, especially as their readership continues to grow within our target market.”
– Simon Bishop, MD, Forex CT

Why advertise with Trader Plus?

Active audience. Our readers are committed to creating wealth and enjoying it. Most of our readers are actively seeking trading opportunities, and have a high disposable income to devote to their passion. Our readers are engaged with the content and are willing and able to try new products and services.
Good returns. Each newsletter features must-read columns and how-to guides that readers refer back to again and again. The cumulative nature of the content means Trader Plus is referenced often as part of each reader’s knowledge base.
Market share. Trader Plus offers advertisers and unparalleled opportunity to reach a diverse trading audience. Whether it is a niche product focus or broad market appeal, we will make sure your advertising reaches the right people.

Our readers

80% will buy Australian shares this year
32% will buy international shares
25% will trade forex
78% use an online trading platform or broker

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